Effective Microorganisms or EM is one of the most popular microbial technologies being used worldwide now. EM was first discovered by Dr. TeruoHiga, a professor of horticulture at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan and its products have been on the market since 1983. EM is produced in over 54 countries (including Cameroon) and consists of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms can easily be classified into three major groups: lactic acid bacteria commonly found in dairy products, yeast (e.g. bread, beer), and phototrophic bacteria.

In Cameroon EM.1 is manufactured by EMRO staff in EM Cameroon since EM Cameroon is certified by EMRO as the official manufacturer of authentic EM.1 products. 

The use of Effective Microorganisms Technology has broadened in the last two decades from agriculture to water treatment, odour control, animal husbandry, human health, and numerous other industrial treatments.

Research has shown that the inoculation of EM cultures to the soil/plant ecosystem can improve soil quality, soil health, and the growth, yield, and quality of crops. Also when used in animal systems similar benefits have been proven. These microorganisms have a reviving action on growing systems and are completely safe for human and the environment.

A number of these microorganisms have long been familiar to the medical sector and the food industry and are extremely useful for people, animals, plants, the soil and water. EM (Effective Microorganisms)is not genetically engineered. Over the years,there are completely harmless as has been confirmed during a range of research both in Japan and other countries. 

Effective Microorganisms commonly called EM is a mixed culture of beneficial microorganisms (primarily photosynthetic, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, and fermenting fungi) that can be applied as an inoculant to increase the microbial diversity of soils. This in turn improves soil quality and health, which enhances the growth, yield, and quality of crops. EM is used on all types of crops such as, vegetables, grains, perennial crops, etc. 


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