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Composting Products

  • Mix 4kg of Bokashi into 50kg of fowl, pig, cow, etc. manure using half a liter of EM For Agriculture into a bag of 50 kg of manure.
  • Get the mixture to about 40% moist with 20mls or 4 corks into 1 liter chlorine free water or 3 tin tomato cups in 15 liters.
  • Compact the mixture under shelter and cover with a plastic paper under anaerobic process
  • Or compact the mixture in to plastic bags for smaller quantities.
  • After one month, compost is ready for use. Air it and use within six months
  • Apply one or two handful per plant for vegetables, grains, tubers.
  • Apply half a spade for plantains and one full spade for citrus, coffee, cocoa palms etc
  • Use spotting, trench, broadcasting application depending on the crop.

Download presentation files below for more details on the use and application of EM Products.