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EM 5

EM.5 works for pest and diseases control

Dosage for Livestock & Agriculture

  • Mix 40ml or 4 corks of EM.5 into 1liter of chlorine free water and spray animals against ticks, lice, flee mite infestation once a week.
  • Increase the concentration or RUB directly for serious treatment
  • Spray the same dilution on the soil for soil treatment 20 to 30ml into 1 liter of chlorine free water and put in the foot bath.
  • Mix 3 tin tomato cups into 15 liters of water and spray on crops twice a week after germination. Stop spraying a month to harvest

Beneficial Effects of EM.5

  • Enhances the photosynthetic capacity of crops
  • Promotes germination, flowering, fruiting and the maturing of plants
  • Suppresses harmful bacteria and keeps the environment clean and fresh
  • It keeps the animals healthy
  • 5 should be kept away from direct sun light in a dark environment. It expires when it produces a rotten smell. When opened, it should be used within three months.
  • NB: Power Points on EM Technology annex or link for Agriculture Production
  1. Dilute 3tin tomato cups into 15 liters of chlorine free water and spray on cocoa once every week for three weeks.
  2. Dilute 2tin tomato cups each of EM5 and EM agriculture and spray on cocoa twice or thrice a week depending on weather conditions.
  3. Spray on plants (leaves and stems)against disease and pest like coffee berry disease, blight, on vegetables and cocoa black pod, aphides ,stock boras.
  4. Spray the same dilution on the soil for soil treatment  and on vegetable crops.
  5. 40ml per liter of chlorine free water and put in the foot bath.


  1. EM build the immunity of animals against disease outbreaks.
  2. EM acts like antibiotics and vitamins and hence increases appetite.
  3. It detoxifies feed, increase feed conversion index and promote growth in weight and size
  4. EM suppresses foul odor in livestock shed and septic tanks.
  5. EM decreases flies, ticks and other harmful insect populations and thus enhances animal health.
  6. EM reduces the stress factor in animals and enhances immunity against diseases.
  7. Increases the quality of animal products and enhances shelf life.
  8. Improves animal fecundity.
  9. EM lowers the requirements of regular medicines like, Vitamins, Antibiotics and disinfectants in animal husbandry.
  10. EM products when given to animals produces high quality manure.
  11. Increases dairy and eggs production.
  12. It shows better results of artificial insemination and reduces genetic disorder.


Download presentation files below for more details on the use and application of EM Products.