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About Us

EM Cameroon is a registered establishment in the Cameroon registered as a Producers and Distributors of Organic Inputs in Cameroon with reference No:01448/16/D/MINADER/SG/DRCQ/SDRP/SRE from His Excellency the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

EM Products are produced in Cameroon by an expert from EM Research Organization in Japan while staffs of EM Cameroon are responsible for the extension of the following products,

EM For Agriculture which is a foliar fertilizer, EM Bokashi used in producing EM Compost which is solid form of manure, EM.5 used for pest and diseases control and EM for Livestock and environmental protection. EM products are principally made up of the following: lactic acid bacterial, photosynthetic bacterial, yeast, molasses and chlorine free water. EM products are purely organic, there are not genetically modify with no negative effects on human and the environment.

EM Cameroon has for the past years continued its policy of expansion through the organization of seminars, workshops, follow up sessions at farmers farms, radio and new papers advert in trying to reach the farmers on the various modes of application of EM Technology and the various advantages ranging from Agricultural Production, Livestock Production to Environmental Protection to the general appreciation of the users.

EM Cameroon has benefited from the continuous purchase of EM products in 2014, 2015 and 2016 from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and distribution to Cameroonian farmers as a means of promoting Organic Agriculture in Cameroon.