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About Us

EM Cameroon is a registered establishment in the Cameroon registered as a Producers and Distributors of Organic Inputs in Cameroon with reference


EM products can be used for application in agriculture and livestock. Our major agricultural and livestock products are listed below. Click to follow


Welcome to EM Cameroon

EM (Effective Microorganisms) Cameroon (A Bio-Concept International) is a non-governmental organization working in collaboration with EMRO Japan to produce and supply quality EM products in Cameroon and neighboring countries. These products are used to enhance sustainable agriculture.

EM technology was discovered in Japan in the late 1980s by Dr. Teruo, introduced in Cameroon in 2005, by Mr. Sama David. The organization finally opened its doors to the public in 2006 after gaining Government recognition.

EM Technology is expanded in Cameron through the organisation of workshops, seminars and follow up programs to make sure, EM products are applied effectively. We have a team of experts in the domains of agriculture, livestock and environmental protection to offer training on the various modes of EM Applications on consultant bases both at our head office and branch offices in Cameroon.
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Seminars and Workshops

We periodically organize seminars and workshops aimed at educating farmers and stake holders in the agricultural sector on the use,implementation and benefits of EM products. Agricultural organizations, Common Initiative Groups (CIGs), farming groups, organizations etc, wishing to invite EM Cameroon for orientation, use and application of our products are welcome to do so. We are […]

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Order Now

You may order from our stock of EM Cameroon products after going through the price List of EM Cameroon Biological products presented in the table. Click on the order button to place your orders. After completing your email orders, you shall be contacted directly by an EM Cameroon agent. Price Lists of EM Cameroon Biological […]

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Follow Up

EM Cameroon is interested in carrying out follow up exercises of our clients to ensure the effective use and implementation of our products. These activities entails practical demonstrations to ensure best implementation of EM Products.

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